Sandstone Clean & Seal
Sandstone Clean & Seal

Effective Bluestone and Sandstone Cleaning in Melbourne

At Xtreme Clean, we offer a range of cleaning solutions to help improve the appearance of your home, including bluestone and sandstone cleaning. Whether you need help cleaning muddy sandstone or you require effective sealing of bluestone, we can provide the assistance you need.

Sandstone Cleaning

Sandstone has been used in flooring for centuries, and its continuing to be a popular choice today in homes and businesses across Melbourne. At Xtreme Klean, we get plenty of calls from people at their wits end because their beautiful sandstone floor has become a brown, muddy mess. Fortunately, we offer a free, no-obligation consultation to help get your sandstone flooring looking its best once more.

Cleaning sandstone floor slabs can be a difficult task if you don’t clean regularly with the correct products. The two main reasons you’ll encounter problems with your sandstone floor are:

  • The structure of the stone
  • Not using a stone sealer

Sandstone is an open stone, which means that dirt can easily spread into the pores and voids in the surface of the stone, making it difficult to remove soil if you don’t have the correct equipment. The rough surface of the stone means mopping alone won’t remove much of the surface dirt – it just spreads the dirt around the surface of the stone and into the grout lines.

Why Hire a Professional for Sandstone Cleaning?

This picture shows how beautiful a sandstone floor can look when it’s professionally cleaned. Quite a change from the dirty floor in the picture above, don’t you think?

First, we apply a deep cleaning solution to start breaking down soil and grease that’s seeped into the surface of the stone. Next, we use a rotary scrubbing machine to work the sandstone cleaning solution deep into the surface of the stone to emulsify the oil and dirt, ready for removal. Finally, we use a ‘clean and capture’ tool that sprays pressurised hot rinse water onto the floor. The water picks up the emulsified dirt and is instantly vacuumed away into our van-mounted recovery tank. The result is a beautiful clean sandstone floor.

How Do You Keep Sandstone Flooring Looking Great?

The secret to maintaining the beauty of sandstone is to apply a sandstone sealer that prevents soil and spills seeping into the surface of the stone, as well as making it easier to clean the floor. Regular cleaning should also be performed.

What are the Benefits of Using a Sandstone Sealer?

This picture clearly demonstrates a major benefit of sealers. Sandstone sealers will give you time to mop up spills and accidents before they have the chance to penetrate into the stone and make an ugly stain. If you’ve ever mopped a sandstone floor, you’ll know how hard it can be to remove stains once they’ve set in. The sandstone also soaks up the cleaning fluid before you get the chance to move the mop. After sealing, sandstone cleaning becomes easier, as the floor will not try to soak up the cleaning fluid.

Bluestone Clean and Seal Services

Xtreme Clean also offers a bluestone clean and seal service to keep pathways, driveways and other bluestone surfaces looking their very best. Whether your bluestone has become stained or simply looks worse for wear after years of exposure to the elements, we can assist with effective cleaning and sealing for all Melbourne properties.

What is Bluestone?

Contrary to common belief, bluestone doesn’t refer to a single type of stone. In fact, it can refer to over 20 different varieties of rock and can differ in appearance depending on where you are in the world. In Australia, bluestone is commonly made with either basalt or slate, with a pale or dark grey colour that complements most properties.

How Do You Clean Bluestone?

It’s sometimes possible to clean bluestone yourself using a specialised cleaning solution and a broom. However, it can be difficult to scrub bluestone free of stains, especially if they’ve been there a long time. In most cases, a professional bluestone clean and seal is recommended to thoroughly clean bluestone and keep it looking good for years to come. At Xtreme Klean, we use powerful high pressure cleaning to remove stains before applying an effective sealer to help prevent deterioration. Enquire today to find out more or request a quote.